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Andy Bell remembers me? Ummmm

24 Nov

So last week I got an email from the Erasure Information service and found out that Andy Bell was doing a PA set and SINGING in NYC. I was at work and not dressed in a way for going out, so I threw on a shitload of eyeliner and raced  to The Ritz club. I ran to the back and there he was, the angel himself.

I ran the DJ booth where he was alone. Are they crazy? I danced and stared at him as he played an amazing remix of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill (Deal with God.)”  Then I ran up to the booth, shocked that no one stopped me.  I said some lame stuff elaborately thanking him and he said “I remember you.” I almost died. Thrilled, embarrassed, and shocked, I said “Well I have met you before.”  We hugged. I was soo happy!!!! Yes, I  have met him before but I am pretty sure he remembers me from kneeling before him and doing the sign of the cross when they played in a church turned venue in NYC  few years back. I think it is the Society for Ethical culture. It was a church full of gay men, and ERASURE  and I was so happy!

“I Love to Hate You” began and I became so overwhelmed I ran through the pew and dropped to my knees and did the sign on the cross. Right in front of Andy! They should have had better security. I was not thrown out like I was at the Irving Plaza show for taking pictures.