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Chinatown with Travel Writer Sarah Enelow

15 Jul

Just when I thought I knew Chinatown NYC, travel writer Sarah Enelow took me to a store that gave me palpitations. Need bubble tea straws in bulk? Cast iron mini teapot in a light teal or lavender? Miracle Candy? New Kam Man on Canal Street in NYC has all that, plus a fine selection of loose teas, lunch boxes for sushi, gorgeous and inexpensive tableware, and picnic baskets designed to carry the aforementioned teapots and two cups!

The food selection is amazing, especially when you don’t know what a lot of it is. I bought a few cute looking thangs. The Miracle Candy did not change my life, but is really cool and chewy with surprise gummies that pop out.

Before I lost it at New Kam Man we had a sassy Malaysian  lunch on the cheap at  Jaya, you can read Sarah’s review on NFT here.  She told me about her travels in Russia as a grad student, and her Fulbright in Argentina. Que Impressive! She’s very modest, so I wouldn’t stop asking her questions. I’m like ummmm you’re cool I wanna hear more! “You’ve been to red Square? What did the people wear? Were you scared? Was it expensive? How the hell did you get around with that wacky alphabet?” To shut me up Sarah bought me some sweet mini cakes from a cart. So cute! Now it’s time for a mind-blowing slideshow of super cuteness and Asian awesomeness.

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