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Mink Stole asked us for Hairspray…

15 Apr

and we didn’t have any! I always have hairspray.  Hairspray has been my profile pic on social networking sites. The one time I didn’t  have it was the most appropriate time to be holding, ever.

I downsized my huge bag to a small gold vintage purse to attend the East Coast premiere of  the sexy  women in prison indie Stuck! at the Boston Underground Film Festival. I wanted to be more agile when maneuvering myself about to meet  the handsome, super talented director, Steve Balderson, and the legendary Mink Stole! As a result, hairspray was left in my dressing quarters.

In my panic of actually meeting said persons, and arranging to see them at the party, I called Miz Octy and asked her to bring my ginormous pocketbook for security purposes.

Miz Octy and I happened to be in the Ladies Room rifling through our bags when Mink Stole walked in. Cut to  Mink Stole asking us for Hairspray. Cut to us rifling through our ginormous pocketbooks and coming up empty. Mink Stole said something to the effect of  “You’re pocketbook  is that big and you don’t have any hairspray or mascara in it?!” Yes we always carry this much shit in our bags, and no we don’t have a tube of Mascara or particle of hairspray. A dirty shame.

As we left the Ladies Room a gentleman was waiting  came to take her to receive her Lifetime Achievement Award from the Boston Underground Film Festival. I forgot  the whole purpose of the party wasn’t for me to meet Mink Stole.

The below video of her acceptance speech isn’t of the best quality, but what am I CNN? Be sure to lower the volume anytime a scream or clap is called for. I’m so happy I was able to arrange my business trip around this event. Hello! Its  Mink fucking Stole.

Party pix  below are from The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, Mass. Featured: Mink Stole,  Mr. W and Miz Octy, DJ Chris Ewen (my fave from my days at ManRay in Cambridge) Super Cute Joe, Hot Stefanie and a cool vintage mannequin, and nice people.  Missing – a photo of Steve Balderson. He’s so sweet!

Spanx for reading!

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