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Scenes from NYC Marriage Equality Day!

18 Aug

July 23, 2011. Marriage equality in New York. NYC same sex couples flocked to the City Clerks office at obscenely early hours, and were getting married all day!

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way. Best Dressed.

Love defeated hate. Check it.


Watch a video of the day my friend put together here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifzO3MTNOK4


Andy Bell remembers me? Ummmm

24 Nov

So last week I got an email from the Erasure Information service and found out that Andy Bell was doing a PA set and SINGING in NYC. I was at work and not dressed in a way for going out, so I threw on a shitload of eyeliner and raced  to The Ritz club. I ran to the back and there he was, the angel himself.

I ran the DJ booth where he was alone. Are they crazy? I danced and stared at him as he played an amazing remix of Kate Bush’s “Running up that Hill (Deal with God.)”  Then I ran up to the booth, shocked that no one stopped me.  I said some lame stuff elaborately thanking him and he said “I remember you.” I almost died. Thrilled, embarrassed, and shocked, I said “Well I have met you before.”  We hugged. I was soo happy!!!! Yes, I  have met him before but I am pretty sure he remembers me from kneeling before him and doing the sign of the cross when they played in a church turned venue in NYC  few years back. I think it is the Society for Ethical culture. It was a church full of gay men, and ERASURE  and I was so happy!

“I Love to Hate You” began and I became so overwhelmed I ran through the pew and dropped to my knees and did the sign on the cross. Right in front of Andy! They should have had better security. I was not thrown out like I was at the Irving Plaza show for taking pictures.